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Honor Our Fallen Heroes: Pro Gallery

Lakeview is the final resting place of many heroes of Asian American and Pacific Island Decent to include AAPI military veterans of both World Wars to present. Among them are Bruce Lee, 3 presidents, and veterans as far back as the civil war have been put to rest here. Not only is it the oldest cemetery in Seattle dating back to 1869, but even in times when society was separated all races and religions are found buried here too! However, these grounds are huge and take considerable resources for the cemetery to upkeep.

In December 2022 with Wreaths Across America, we discovered that over 1000 graves of American veterans presently lay unknown at Lakeview Cemetery. Among the veteran graves that were found several were covered with debris. This is unacceptable to us and together with community service groups and historic societies from throughout the region we have been busy archiving list of names to be charted into a new map for future generations.

In traditional culture, the ChingMing Holiday is a time where ancestors are honored and given offerings of flowers. It is an annual “tomb sweeping” season. Ahead of Memorial Day 2023 come join our service to pay homage in Honor of Our Fallen Heroes, whom include many Asian American and Pacific Islander WW2 Gold Medal Recipients.

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Honor Our Fallen Heroes: Image
Honor Our Fallen Heroes: Image
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