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What a terribly deadly 2023 SURVIVE SEATTLE Zombie Run!

Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Welcome

Partners Making Survive Seattle Possible

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Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Portfolio
Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Video Player

! This is not a Race!

Survivors wearing Flag Belts & Rain Ggear run for life from zombies through a guided obstacle course! A perfect blend of spooky fun, fitness, and adventure - offering participants the chance to experience excitement of outrunning zombies while navigating through thrilling challenges.

Also featuring Doomsday Prepper Resoucre Fair: visit network of community organizations and military veterans here to provide you the skills, knowledge, or training to survive!

Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Text

First 200 Volunteers Get Free Food Voucher
{Prizes for best Zombies}

Zombies  chase down any wannabe Survivors until all of Seattle joins the undead! Do you Have the Brains?

Volunteer now with your School Club, community group, temple, church, nonprofit, or business! Snacks and Drinks provided!

Register your team of zombies in this Volunteer Application!

*Volunteer Waiver*

Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Text


All Proceeds Support Veteran nonprofit, and the creation of fun community experiences like Survive Seattle.

Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Text
Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Text

Doomsday Prepping!

Emergency Resource Fair, Saturday, October 21st, 2023. Learn what is needed to Survive!

This SURVIVE SEATTLE, concurrent to Zombie Run and Outdoor Activities, we are Ecstatic to announce ongoing free Resource Fair within the Jefferson Community Center! Come out enjoy spooky food, get your hearts pumping meeting new friends, and be a part of history as you learn about potential LIFE SAVING community disaster and emergency prep resources! No event of this type has ever been conducted in the PNW, so before the apocalypse of Zombie Outbreak is here come make exciting memories and learn lasting Survival knowledge!

survive seattle updated flyer.png

*Runner Ticketing *Early-Bird Prices Available For Limited Time!

*Volunteer Application*

also Zombies & Team Registration

First 200 Zombies to register receive event food truck voucher! *Volunteer Waiver*

Vendor Application

Vendor Digital Form

Save the Dates October 21 - 22, 2023

Blood Givers: Don't give Blood Before Zombies Chase You! Registration Booth has Blood Mobile station to schedule a donation time! [details below]

[Free Advanced Ticketing for Veterans Below]

Call and Text: (206)488-5847 (d)

Survive Seattle Zombie Run: About Us
Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Text

Sponsorship Application

[Free For Boss Zombies]

Boss Zombies have appeared and they're Veterans that have been reanimated!

Unbitten veterans! Survivors need your help to navigate the Zombie Apocalypse! Step up to rescue your rag-tag team through waves of Undead!

[Free Advanced Tickets]:

-for Veterans *Must Register in Advance

-if you have volunteered in past WwW events

-MUST SHOW Proof of Service

-Tickets Transferable to Friends/Family

-to partnered veteran service organizations SignUp Now! Application

Survive Seattle Zombie Run: Text

Blood Drive

Register at our Blood Mobile station to schedule a donation time at Survive Seattle. Show PRINTED confirmation on day of your zombie Runs for in person Discount only. Don't give Blood Before Zombies Chase You! Your support will save lives!

Donate to Receive up to 50% off Full ticket prices

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